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Hand Made

We believe that through craftsmanship people can build a work environment that is fair, sustainable and creative. Using handcrafting techniques, and thus making each eyeglass a unique piece, is a choice that puts us far and away from monotonous, repetitive mass-production.

We have developed a proprietary production method based both in personal freedom and in the drive to create high quality products. The way we work is, in fact, a way of life.

We design and create hand-made wooden eyewear. We use our experience and craftsmanship to turn the finest woods into delicate, lightweight and ergonomic Oë eyeglasses.

Our aim is broader than just the selling of our products. We strive to share our ideas, build awareness, create synergies and learn from others. Our work is not a goal; it is a road that we wish to travel through and enjoy.

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Trabaja con alegría, que siempre esté la intención de hacer algo hermoso, busca conectar con lo que haces. Disfruta el camino

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